Katia Ghigi, Violin

Michele Rossetti, Piano





G. Tartini (1692-1770)

Sonata in Si b magg.





W.A.Mozart (1756-1791)

Sonata in Sol magg. KV 301

Allegro con spirito


F.Schubert (1797-1828)

Sonatina in RE magg.Op137 n.1

Allegro molto


Allegro vivace

J. Brahms (1833-1897)

Scherzo in do min per la Sonata F.A.E.


O. Farkas (1815-1912)

Ballade Hongroise

Katia Ghigi violinist,  after classical studies, graduated with full marks in Violin at Conservatory in Perugia.

She specialized at “Scuola di Musica di Fiesole” with the famous “Trio di Trieste”,  Milan Skampa, Piero Farulli ,Roberto Michelucci , Angelo Faja and with M° Prencipe .

She has taken part for two years of Orchestra Giovanile Italiana, playing the role of “prima parte”, cooperating with great musicians such as Riccardo Muti, Salvatore Accardo, Carlo Maria Giulini, G.G. Rath, Maria Tipo, Michele Campanella.

Then she specialized with Pavel Vernikov , Ilya Grubert , and M° Felice Cusano.

Extremely young she started her concert activities, performing as soloist and in chamber formation for important festivals and concert society: “Amici della Musica” in Perugia , “Amici della Musica” in Florence, “Amici della Musica” in Taranto,  “Amici della Musica” in Vicenza, “Amici della Musica” in Latina, “Sagra Musicale Umbra”, “Todi Festival”, “Festival delle Nazioni” in Città di Castello, “Società del Quartetto” in Vercelli, “Gubbio Festival”, “Segni Barocchi” in Foligno, “Settimane Musicali” in Lugano (Switzerland), “Festival International des Artes” (France), “Festival Internazionale” in Kusatsu (Japan), “Concerti d’estate” in Pesaro, “Ravello Festival”, “Est-Ost Festival” (Austria) , San Carlo Theatre in Naples,  Scala Theatre in Milan,  Regio Theatre in Parma, Sala Verdi of Conservatory in Milan, Santa Cecilia National Academy in Rome, Parco della Musica in Rome, “Schauspielelhaus” in Berlin (Germany),  “Staatsoper” in Dresda,  “Alte Oper” in Frankfurt, “Sala Grande dell’ Opera” in Cairo (Egypt), Sala “ F. Chopin” in Warsaw (Poland),  “Sura Salons” in Ankara (Turkey), “Suntory Hall” in Tokyo (Japan), “Festival Internazionale di Musica” in Ischia, “Suoni e Colori in Toscana”, “Amici della Musica di Floridia”,  “I festival Internacional de Musica de Otono” Murcia ( Spain), Musei Civici Veneziani, “ Concerti in Altamarca”, “Suoni e colori in Toscana”,” Festival  Internazionale della Musica da Camera” Iglesias, ”East-West  Musicfestival” ( Austria),  “Amici della Musica di Floridia”, “Piano Echos”( Piemonte) ,” Musica nei Chiostri “ in Teramo, “Settimane Musicali al Teatro Olimpico” in Vicenza, “ Rassegna internazionale Musica in Irpinia “; she has taken part in many tourneé in France, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, ex Iugoslavia, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia Republic, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Hungary, Japan and Austria.

She has always played as “prima parte” and soloist with several chamber and symphony orchestra, bringing to maturity significant experiences due to the collaboration with famous musicians such as Felix Ajo, Pina Carmirelli, Rocco Filippini, Franco Petracchi, Marco Rizzi, Thomas Indermule, Claudio Brizi, Werner Hink (first violin of Wiener Philarmoniker), Keiko Toyama, Enrico Dindo, Sascha Gavrilov, Pierre Amojal, Wolfgang Meyer, Milan Turkovic, Fabrizio Meloni, Stefan Milenkovic, Bruno Canino, Federico Mondelci, Roland Dyens,Massimo Quarta, Francesco Manara, Sonig Tchakerian, Mario Brunello.

She has recorded several CD for the record companies : Dynamic, Quadrivium, Bongiovanni, Camerata Tokyo (some of them reviewed with full marks by the magazine Amadeus) , Tactus and Capstone Records (U.S.A.).

She is the Artistic Director of Gubbio Summer Festival since 2007 edition.




Michele Rossetti Pianist ,  graduated with first class honours from Milan’s "G. Verdi" Conservatoire, where he studied under Maestro Piero Rattalino, before going on to specialize under Maestro Paolo Bordoni.

He has won various piano and chamber music prizes, both at national and international level, and has performed both solo and as a member of diverse chamber music ensembles, in Italy and abroad, where his work has been greeted with acclaim from the public and critics alike.

In the paper “L’Eco della Riviera”, Michele Rossetti’s performances were described as follows: “the extreme variety of his touch and his ideas, and the extraordinary vivacity of his phrasing, give his work a naturally refined nature, based on the pianist’s lively intelligence and clear personality”.      

He has made recordings for the Italian State Broadcasting company RAI, and has edited the works of several lesser-known 19th century Italian composers for the "Quadrivium" record label.

As a member of a number of duos featuring Ciro Scarponi, Mario Ancillotti,  Lorenzo Lucca, Guido Arbonelli and Roberto Fabbriciani, Michele Rossetti has recorded  works for the Hyperprism record label.

As well as playing as a concert pianist, Michele also teaches, regularly holding specialization courses at the Norcia International School of Specialization ( Italy), at the Poros Summer Piano Academy (Greece), at the Tirana Music Festival (Albania), in Gubbio (Italy), and elsewhere.

At the Gubbio Summer Festival he played as part of a duo with Mario Caroli and Bruno Canino.

He edited the anthology “Conoscere Suonando” - a guided journey through the world of the piano - for the publishers Nuova Carisch-Warner Bros..

He is the Artistic Director of the National music competition “E. Zangarelli” held in Città di Castello.

He is also the Artistic Director of the prestigious Mediterranean Master Class for young pianists accompanied by their parents, held in Troina (Enna – Sicily), and Artistic Director of the International Piano Competition and International Courses held in San Gemini (Umbria).

He is often invited to be a member of the jury at National and International Competitions.

She plays an Eugenio Degani violin dating back to 1895.

Tarnów,  19th.09.2020  - at 7.pm

Concert Hall of Music Conservatory in Tarnow